Do you have a cold? -- We sell Chinese herbal tea that both treats and prevents cold and flu! Contact us for more information.

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Welcome to Kinesisk Medicin Vårdcentral in Stockholm

We offer many different kinds of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatments. Different traditional Chinese medicine treatments can be combined in order to achieve the best results, for example Chinese Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine are used to treat various types of diseases and illnesses. (For more information please click here).

We offer the following treatments

We specialize in treating:

Different kinds of ache or pain (head, back, neck, shoulders, arm, leg and etc), gastro-intestinal disorders, menopause, PMS, acne, eczema, colds, coughs, depression, sciatica, female disorders, migraine, stress, insomnia, weight loss, infertility, facial treatments mm.

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